Using driving lights

MARCH 31, 2015
Safety Tip of the week

Northern Lights � Did you know, in Scandinavia, it is compulsory to drive with a minimum of park lights on (VicRoads refer to them as �daytime running lights�) � even during the summer when it is light 24 hours a day.

Meanwhile in Victoria,

Using driving lights

Driving lights are designed to illuminate the road over a long distance for example country areas. They must be wired such that they only switch on with the main beam (high beam) head light. They emit the same lighting pattern as a main beam and are used as a supplementary light.

Road Rule 218 states that drivers must not use the high beam headlights when driving:

  • less than 200 metres behind a vehicle travelling in the same direction
  • less than 200 metres from an oncoming vehicle.


Driving lights cannot be accidentally switched on. They can only be switched on with the high beam head lights.

Driving lights should only be used when required over long distances and must not dazzle other vehicles.

The next question is, when should you turn your headlights on?

The answer is � between the hours of sunset and sunrise. Hint � if the street lights are on then you should consider turning your headlights on.

During daylight hours and in hazardous conditions for example, low light, rain, fog, or dust it might be appropriate to run your headlights but remember to use only low beam. Can you think of other instances when headlights could be used to improve safety?