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  • Phil is a passionate, dedicated and kind instructor. He is always patient and willing to work with his student no matter how nervous one can be. He is so encouraging and built up my confidence and skills.He believed in me and I was stunned myself when I got my licence first time! I highly recommend Phil as he is a very versatile and professional instructor. He is your go to instructor if you happen to be one of the most nervous and scared learner, he will build you up and set you on your way to not only enjoy driving but also how to be safe on the road. So thank you sincerely Phil for all your hard work, you truly made all the difference.

    - Kamil
    March 2017
  • Emmanuel was everything a driving instructor should be and more. He tought me how to drive not just to pass the test. He pushed me to drive in all different situations and was always telling "You got this." He's a truly great guy who honestly cares about his students. THANKS

    - Esther
    20 Aug 2016
  • I want to pass my sincere thanks to Phil Kumar, my driving instructor. All I can say, wish I found you at first. After 2 failed attempts with another instructor, from the very first day I felt so much confident in you as you knew exactly what to teach. All I can say is that you are the best and I will recommend you to anyone. I have no words to appreciate how happy and relieved I am today. Thanks Phil. All the best. Kind Regards,

    - Raveen
    11 May 2016
  • I took 10 driving lessons with Phil Kumar. His calm composure helped me to gain confidence. He was very punctual and was always there on time. He took me in all the test routes during non-peak and peak hour traffic. On the whole, I learnt how to become a good driver from Phil and would definitely recommend him.

    8 April 2016
  • Paul was an incredible driving instructor who made me feel comfortable, confident behind the wheel and made my lessons lots of fun. He planned each lesson in accordance with my skills, but also made sure to challenge me as well. He was always willing to answer questions and explain things in detail that I didn't understand. In the weeks leading up to my test, I found the practice routes we did in 'test mode' to be very helpful for learning the test criteria and getting comfortable on the test routes. On test day I felt confident and comfortable behind the wheel and passed the first time. I would highly recommend Strive to Drive and in particular Paul.

    Thanks so much Paul :)
    25 April 2016
  • This mail is regarding a feedback for instructor Phil Kumar. He was one of the best; I did have another instructor before and was not good at all. I had no confidence when I went for my test for the first time and resulted in a fail. After that, I rang up strive drive and got Phil as my instructor. He was so good, he made me feel confident and went through every necessary details throughout the lessons. I got my licence and did not lose a single point during my test 2nd time. I would defenitly recommend him to anyone that I know, who wants to have driving lessons. He is a very good instructor and I will give him 10 on 10.

    Thank you for all the help Phil.
    Anuja R Shaji
  • After failing a drive test at Carlton, I felt like I cant drive anymore. Though I know the rules and practise well, I panic. My previous driving instructor, showed all sorts of stressful expression during my test and that was one reason for my failure. While I searched for a very good driving school, infact my google search for a F1 driver gave me the strive2 drive link.

    I booked in my first lesson with DANIEL and I started driving in 80s and 100 zones. All I told is that I should gain confidence. Daniel is very cool and easy going. He is quite flexible with timings aswell. it was just a month ago I joined classes with him. He trusted me more than myself. He can easily study a student for their skills, positive and negatives and he fine tune you appropriately. He doesn't seem to be a teacher whose eyes are always on you, but you do the smallest mistake and he will be there to correct you. He sitting next to me gave a very good confidence and his tips and tricks have made me now into a successful smart driver, who can drive vigilant for everybody's safety. Learning driving with Daniel is fun and sitting for a drive test with him is even more awesome. he is a cool trainer who keeps everybody with their coolness and progress well. Thanks to Strive2drive and thanks to Daniel (Thuan Truong)

    Jeffreena Miranda